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RMTU - mandatory vaccinations of Port Workers


Mandatory vaccination – Q & A Sheet for RMTU members


(click here to download Q&A sheet) Updated 10th November 2021


Questions covered by the Q&A


  1. Does the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 (“the Order”) apply to all port workers?
  2. Can port employers make “no-jab, no-job” mandates for roles that aren’t covered by the Order?
  3. Can Port employers access vaccination status information?
  4. If I lose my job as a result of mandatory vaccination, is my employer under a duty to redeploy me?
  5. If I am redeployed, then my old job is re-classified as no longer requiring mandatory vaccination, am I able to immediately move back to my old job?
  6. What ability do I have to refuse to work, if I am worried about the Covid-related risks that the work entails?
  7. If I’m required to self-isolate/stay away from work but am not actually sick (for example, if I’m a close contact of a confirmed case or if I’ve visited a place of interest and am waiting on test results) will I get paid?
  8. Are there any exemptions from mandatory vaccination?
  9. Are port workers who handle mooring lines covered by the Covid testing Order?


This information has been prepared to assist with several common questions that RMTU delegates and organisers are regularly receiving from members. The information below is offered by way of general guidance for RMTU members only – it does not constitute legal advice, and must not be treated as such.


Click here to downlaod the RMTU vaccinations policy


Click here to download the NZCTU vaccinations policy



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